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Our Golden Rush product line features a range of exceptional offerings, each showcasing the remarkable qualities of the cape golden berry. From our Golden Berry Liqueur, which captures its exquisite, unique, and balanced flavor, to our Golden Berry Hard Seltzer, Dehydrated Golden Berry, and Golden Berry Spread, we harness the natural extraction of nutrients, colors, and natural aromas to deliver a transparent golden color and unparalleled aroma in every product.

The Spirit of Costa Rica

From the cloud forest of Costa Rica, nestled at 2300 meters above sea level, our natural springs nourish thriving bushes of golden berries. From these bountiful bushes, we craft an array of exceptional products, each bursting with original, naturally extracted fruit flavors.

Golden Berry

The fruit that has the quality of adding pleasure to life.
Scientific name: Physalis peruviana

Goldenberry a fruit originating in the tropical highlands of South America, acidic, small, sweet and round fruit. Classified as an exotic fruit, it has important nutritional properties that contribute to various parts of the body and the organism. Its orange and gold color makes our Golden Rush bottle shine.

Amazing properties

The Golden Berry is popular for its rich vitamin contents.

Scientific research recommends the goldenberry mainly for regulate blood glucose levels. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

The Golden Berry is low in calories, and contains a significant amount of fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. And it is mainly characterized by its antioxidant properties.

The fruit of the efforts of local farmers

Each of our golden berries are grown by local farmers who see Golden Rush as an opportunity to see the fruit of their efforts turned into a world-class product.

– Made with love by us in our state – 

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“For us Golden Rush is a story in a bottle, a story of a Culture, a story of a micro climate, a story of an ancient fruit, a story of Happy People. It’s our life story in a bottle.”



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